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After nearly a decade of investing in companies, I felt I needed to get closer to the operations of those companies. My first step was as the head of corporate financial planning and analysis (FP&A) at General Motors, and later as CFO of financial guidance software company HelloWallet.

When Morningstar purchased HelloWallet a few years later, and with my new knowledge of software and financial technology (fintech), we decided it was time to build what we felt the market would need next. My co-founder and I launched HSA Coach, a boot-strapped financial wellness app focused on the emerging Health Savings Account (HSA) market.

After product launch, I shifted gears and began the process of obtaining my CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP) designation. The digital financial advice space will continue to evolve but there will always be a role for advisors who can offer personalized attention and individually tailored solutions.

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I post frequently to Quora, Medium and LinkedIn, mostly answers to questions about financial guidance, book summaries, and other topics generally related to financial wellness. You can also find me on Twitter, which I use mostly as a bookmark to reference interesting articles and ideas from time to time. I live in McLean VA with my wife and children. An Eagle Scout, I enjoy taking my kids on hikes and canoeing trips. I highly recommend Florida’s Everglades.

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